Do you know where the refrigerator fits

Do you know where the refrigerator fits

Summer is here, and the refrigerator is one of the most popular household appliances as a blessed place for cola, beer, iced watermelon, and various beverages. However, where is the appropriate place to put such a “behemoth” in the refrigerator? Does the placement of the refrigerator bother you?

The main function of the refrigerator is to store ingredients and food. At first, it was always “arranged” into the kitchen. Therefore, placing the refrigerator in the kitchen has basically become a golden rule. But what if the kitchen is too small to fit? What should I do if the dead corners are not easy to clean? What should I do if the heat in the kitchen is high and it is not easy to dissipate heat?

A series of questions have arisen from this questioning whether the decision to put the refrigerator in the kitchen is correct. Therefore, to sum up, if your kitchen itself is narrow and cannot separate the distance between the refrigerator and the gas stove, try not to put the refrigerator in the kitchen.

So, where is the best place to put it in the refrigerator?

Put the living room

With the rapid rise in housing prices in cities, many families buy houses with very small kitchens, and sometimes there may only be room to turn around and not be able to put the refrigerator at all, so generally consider putting the refrigerator in the corner of the living room, so that it will not look too obtrusive .

The advantages and disadvantages of placing the refrigerator in the living room are relatively obvious. As for whether it is suitable or not, it depends on the individual and the actual situation:

Advantages: Easy access to food and drinks, and sometimes acts as a partition.

Disadvantages: The refrigerator is prone to noise, and some will also affect the appearance of the living room. In addition, the refrigerator is radiant, and it also produces ozone when it is operating. Many people will lie on the sofa to rest, which will affect people’s health and sleep quality. For the sake of the health of the family, the refrigerator should not be placed in the living room.

Put in dining room or western kitchen

In fact, the refrigerator is placed in the dining room, or the Chinese and Western kitchens are designed separately, and then the refrigerator is placed in the Western kitchen dedicated to making pastries and washing vegetables. In this way, the distance is the shortest whether it is to pick up ingredients or drinks when entertaining guests, and it is not afraid of the pollution of the kitchen fumes, and it can also save the space of the kitchen.

However, as a large object, no matter where the refrigerator is placed, you can’t ignore its existence, and sometimes it will appear “obtrusive” and “obtrusive”. Therefore, “hiding” the refrigerator has become the most popular installation method at present. Here we are talking about the “embedded” installation method.

Embedded installation

Hide the refrigerator! The embedded installation method is not only beautiful, but also ensures the integrity of the space and does not occupy additional space. When installing, first determine the size of the refrigerator, then customize the sideboard, and then insert it into the cabinet, so that the refrigerator is integrated with the space, no longer obtrusive, and will not take up additional home space.

Determine the installation location of the refrigerator, of course, also consider the problem of heat dissipation.

Cooling of the refrigerator

Let’s talk about the problem of heat dissipation. Today’s refrigerators are designed to dissipate heat on both sides or at the bottom. And each brand of refrigerator recommends different cooling distances, some only need a distance of 4cm, so you don’t have to worry too much about the cooling problem of the refrigerator. Before the renovation, you can check the size and heat dissipation of the refrigerator in advance, and then reserve the location of the refrigerator.

Well, let’s talk about the placement of the refrigerator here, I hope it is no longer a problem that bothers you!

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