Pick a Quality Sofa for Your Living Room

Pick a Quality Sofa for Your Living Room

Which piece of furniture is the hardest to buy when renovating? Definitely a sofa! The sofa is the facade of the home, and besides the bed, it is the most frequently used furniture in daily life. Therefore, “Yan Gao + Ease of Use + Texture” is its basic cultivation. But you will find that buying a good sofa is really hard! Home stores have few styles and high prices. Don’t worry, we will introduce you a sofa with high quality.

Pusato fabric sofa

The sofa body is made of 45° high-density sponge, and the upper and lower seat cushions and the backrest are filled with down. One word: comfortable! The short wrought iron legs reduce the bulkiness of the fabric sofa. Versatile warm grey, super easy to take care of.

Knut Sofa

The product of the brand objectum, the whole body is imported from Italy with 2.2mm thick oil wax cowhide. High-density sponge + down as filling, comfortable sitting.

A-8023 Double sofa

The fabric is made of linen imported from Belgium, which has good air permeability, no allergy and no static electricity. High-density foam seat cushion, down + silk padded backrest. There are four colors: light gray, warm gray, advanced gray and dark green.

A-88 three-seat sofa

Brand hit items. Imported cotton and linen polyester fabric from Italy, filled with high-density sponge. Lightweight and fashionable in shape, there are five colors: light green, light blue, dark gray, light gray, and positive gray.

Cotton and linen double sofa

High-density foam cushion + down and feather mixed filling cushion, the classic configuration of comfortable sofa. Washed cotton and linen blend fabric for a comfortable feel. Available in linen grey and linen grey-green.

Pipe dark green three-person fabric sofa

The backrest and armrest are at the same height, which is simple and elegant. It is very comfortable to sit on the back and sideways, satisfying the posture of reading and talking. The slender metal chair legs have a golden embellishment, which matches the dark green face.


The prices of imported Nordic brands are generally not very close to the people, so mini more began to look for some niche products. For example, HOLD SOFA from WON, from designer Henrik Pedersen. The color is very special, a rare coral cloud powder, a versatile dove gray brown. Duck down + pearl cotton padded backrest for comfort.

SID drawer sofa

Thin backrest, narrow armrests, very simple shape, can be described as the most space-saving double sofa. The chic and cute appearance makes the home a little more interesting. There are 4 unique colors of navy blue, lake blue, orange red and light gray.

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