Anastassiades’ Flos: Illuminating Design with Minimalistic Elegance

Anastassiades’ Flos: Illuminating Design with Minimalistic Elegance

Anastassiades’ Flos is a renowned lighting design studio founded by Cypriot designer Michael Anastassiades. The studio is known for its minimalist and elegant lighting fixtures that combine form, function, and beauty. Anastassiades’ design philosophy is to create lighting that affects the mood and atmosphere of a space while remaining understated and timeless.

Design Philosophy

Anastassiades’ design philosophy is rooted in simplicity and function. His lighting fixtures are made to be visually stunning yet unobtrusive, allowing the light to take center stage. He believes that the essence of good design is to create objects that are useful, beautiful, and enduring.

Anastassiades’ lighting designs are characterized by their geometric forms and clean lines. He often uses materials such as glass, brass, and aluminum to create his signature pieces. His fixtures have a sculptural quality that makes them both functional and artistic.


Anastassiades’ Flos has become a leading authority in the lighting design industry. Anastassiades’ fixtures can be found in some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and museums around the world. His clients include Herman Miller, Flos, and Bang & Olufsen.

Anastassiades’ influence can also be seen in emerging design talent. Many young designers have been inspired by his approach to lighting design, and his influence can be seen in their work.

Notable Projects

Anastassiades has designed a number of notable lighting fixtures over the years. Here are a few that stand out:

Mobile Chandelier Series

The Mobile Chandelier series is one of Anastassiades’ most famous designs. It features sculptural glass orbs suspended from a brass frame. The orbs appear to be floating in space and create a dazzling display of light.

Floor Lamp Series

Anastassiades’ Floor Lamp series is another example of his minimalist approach to design. These lamps are made of a simple brass tubing with a globe-shaped bulb at the top. They provide understated but elegant lighting to any space.

IC Series

The IC series of lamps features simple, spherical glass shades atop minimalist metal stands. They create a soft, diffused light that is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Anastassiades’ Flos has revolutionized the lighting design industry with its minimalist and elegant fixtures. His approach to design has inspired countless others to create functional and enduring objects. Anastassiades’ legacy will continue to shine brightly for years to come.

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