Light up Your Home with Style: Dive into the World of PS 2014 Lamps by IKEA

Light up Your Home with Style: Dive into the World of PS 2014 Lamps by IKEA


A well-designed home interior is essential for an elegant and comfortable living experience. Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the desired ambiance and mood of any living space. IKEA, the world-renowned household brand, has launched its PS 2014 lamps collection that offers a wide range of lighting fixtures designed to cater to different people’s needs and preferences. The PS 2014 lamps’ unique designs, colors, and materials create noteworthy focal points in any room. Whether one is looking for a functional illumination source or a decor item, the PS 2014 lamps have options for everyone.

PS 2014 Lamps Collection Overview

IKEA’s PS 2014 lamps collection boasts of varying styles and designs, reflecting modern trends and fashion. The collection comprises of pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, and ceiling lamps all designed to fit different people’s lighting requirements. The lamps come in a variety of colors – black, white, copper, brass, petroleum, orange, and pink – that fit any home interior’s aesthetic theme. The PS 2014 lamps feature materials such as brass, aluminum, glass, plastic, and wood, lending them durability and making them worth the investment.

The PS 2014 Pendant Lamps

The PS 2014 pendant lamps come in varying sizes, shapes, and colors, suitable for most home setups. The designs follow modern industrialism, which is perfect for an urban home’s decor. The lamps produce a warm and cozy feeling, particularly in the living room or bedroom, where one wants to create a relaxing atmosphere. The lamps’ designs, such as the PS 2014 Pendant lamp with a large shade, play with the light and shadow, creating interesting patterns and shapes on the walls.

The PS 2014 Table Lamps

The PS 2014 table lamps are versatile, offering illumination for various requirements. The table lamps have optimal brightness suitable for reading or working. The lamps’ designs embrace simplicity yet maintain a stylish outlook. The table lamps, such as the PS 2014 Table lamp, which features asymmetrical shapes and a perforated effect on the shade, create a unique illumination effect.

The PS 2014 Floor Lamps

The PS 2014 floor lamps feature innovative designs with the use of materials such as bamboo, brass, plastic, and steel. The floor lamps are perfect as ambient light sources, creating a cozy atmosphere. Besides, the lamps come in unique designs such as the PS 2014 Floor lamp with a movable lampshade, offering flexibility in creating the desired lighting effect.

The PS 2014 Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are perfect for creating a cozy ambiance for the living or bedroom space. The PS 2014 wall lamps’ designs blend with modern art influences, such as the PS 2014 Wall lamp, which features a geometric pattern for its lampshade. The lamps’ materials, such as brass and glass, give the lamps a stylish and vintage feel.

The PS 2014 Ceiling Lamps

The PS 2014 ceiling lamps are perfect for offering general illumination for a room. The ceiling lamps feature modern designs such as the PS 2014 Pendant lamp with a triple shade, giving a unique illumination effect. Other lamps such as the PS 2014 Ceiling lamp with a steel frame lend a sophisticated and classic feel to any room.

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