The Alluring World of Lustre Art Deco Moderniste

The Alluring World of Lustre Art Deco Moderniste


Lustre Art Deco Moderniste is a design style of the early 20th century that emerged after the First World War. This design style marked the beginning of modern design and is still in vogue today. The design was characterized by clean lines, bold colors, and geometric shapes that created a sense of sophistication and boldness.


The Lustre Art Deco Moderniste design style originated in France in the early 1920s when designers wanted to create a new style that embodied the spirit of the times. The design was part of the Art Deco movement that emerged after the First World War. The design was inspired by the rise of industry, technology, and modernity. The style was characterized by a combination of traditional and modern forms.

The Design:

Lustre Art Deco Moderniste was characterized by the use of new materials such as chrome, plastic, and glass. The use of these materials was influenced by new technology and the rise of mass production. The design was also characterized by the use of geometric shapes and bold colors. The geometric shapes were often inspired by nature, such as the curves of a seashell or the lines of a flower.

The Influence:

Lustre Art Deco Moderniste influenced many other design styles, including Streamline Moderne and Minimalism. It also influenced the design of automobiles, furniture, and architecture. The design style was prominent in the 1920s and 1930s, but it declined in popularity after the Second World War. However, it has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with many designers turning to Lustre Art Deco Moderniste for inspiration.

The Legacy:

Lustre Art Deco Moderniste has left a lasting legacy on the world of design. The style was a departure from traditional styles and embraced the new technology of the time, creating a sense of optimism and progress. The bold colors and geometric shapes that characterized Lustre Art Deco Moderniste are still used in design today, and the style continues to inspire many designers.

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