Skinflint Design UK: Redefining Sustainability in Lighting Design

Skinflint Design UK: Redefining Sustainability in Lighting Design


In recent years, the concept of sustainability has gained significant attention in various industries. Product development, manufacturing, and marketing departments are paying close attention to the impact of their actions on the environment, society, and economy. The lighting design industry is no exception. The UK-based company Skinflint Design has been at the forefront of sustainable lighting design for over a decade.

The Story behind Skinflint Design UK

Skinflint Design UK was founded in 2007 by Chris and Sophie Miller. The couple had a deep appreciation for vintage lighting fixtures and sought to create something unique by repurposing these fixtures. They started in their garage, transforming old industrial and maritime lighting pieces into stunning, modern designs. As their creations gained popularity, they decided to venture into a full-time lighting design business, with sustainability and environmental consciousness at the forefront.

What Makes Skinflint Design UK Stand Out?

At Skinflint Design UK, sustainability is not just a marketing gimmick. Instead, it drives the entire design process. The company specializes in upcycling – taking old light fixtures and giving them a new lease of life, rather than recycling or disposal. They hunt across Europe for vintage lights, carefully refurbishing them in their UK workshops to bring out the best in each piece. This approach significantly reduces waste and carbon emissions, making the products more sustainable and eco-friendly.

In addition, Skinflint Design UK uses a combination of renewable energy tools to power their workshop, including solar panels and wind turbines. They also promote energy efficiency in their designs by using LED technology, making their products highly efficient and long-lasting.

Range of Products

Skinflint Design UK offers a wide range of lighting fixtures from ceiling pendants, table lamps, and wall sconces to floor lamps, chandeliers, and industrial work lights. All the pieces are unique and reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Customer Base

Skinflint Design UK’s client base is diverse, ranging from homeowners, architects, interior designers, and high-end commercial businesses. The company has clients worldwide, from the US to Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Skinflint Design UK has partnered with several other companies in the lighting and design industry. These partnerships have enabled the company to expand its reach and scale up its operations while maintaining its focus on sustainability.

In 2021, Skinflint Design UK collaborated with the London-based lighting manufacturer Tala to create a range of sustainable lighting fixtures. The company has also worked with the international furniture retailer MADE, among other collaborators.

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