BuzziDome – A Dual-Function Acoustic Pendant Light

BuzziDome – A Dual-Function Acoustic Pendant Light


The BuzziDome is a stylish and practical acoustic pendant light that has the dual function of being a sound absorber and a diffuser. The concave, refined shape of the BuzziDome features an acoustic foam element, which acts as a great sound diffuser. It also has a recessed LED light source that enhances the craftsmanship of the pendant while providing warm, functional light. This versatile light fixture is ideal for hospitality settings, break-out areas and workplaces. Yigolighting

BuzziDome is a contemporary acoustic pendant light

The BuzziDome is an acoustic pendant light featuring a refined semi-dome shaped body and recessed LED light source. Its acoustic foam element and concave shape absorb unwanted noise, providing exceptional acoustic treatment across the audible spectrum. Its stylish, upholstered design adds a cosy, homelike feel to work spaces.

The BuzziDome pendant is an innovative, modern design that combines the benefits of acoustics and aesthetics to create an inviting and functional space. The recessed LED light source emits a soft, warm, functional light from the concave shape, while the acoustic foam layer is an excellent sound absorber and diffuser. The BuzziDome is available in a variety of fabrics and finishes. It ships with a two-metre cable for ceiling mounting but can be upgraded to a four-metre cable to ensure a longer reach.

It acts as a great absorber and diffuser of sound

BuzziDome is an acoustic light that acts as an effective diffuser and sound absorber. Its unique concave shape helps trap sound waves and provides a comfortable, warm feel. It can be used in hospitality settings, offices and break-out areas. This acoustic foam-covered dome is available in a variety of colours and fabrics.

A sound diffuser works by reflecting sound back at the source. Just like light, sound works by reflecting off of surfaces, and every flat, hard surface acts as a mirror for sound. This is one of the reasons why voices reverberate more in some rooms than in others. A sound diffuser helps reduce these reflections by redistributing the sound waves in several directions.

It emits functional light

The BuzziDome is a unique and versatile lighting solution. Its elegant, refined dome shape combines acoustic foam and recessed LED light for superior sound absorption and sound management. The BuzziDome is a great choice for conference rooms and break out areas. Available in a variety of upholstery options, it can complement any interior design scheme.

BuzziDome’s refined upholstered semi-dome form features a recessed LED light element that emits functional light and soft shadows. Its wide diameter creates a cozy, homelike feeling, while its acoustic foam component helps reduce extraneous sound and reverberation. In addition to reducing unnecessary noise, the BuzziDome provides exceptional acoustic treatment across the entire audible spectrum.

It is available in a variety of sizes

The BuzziDome is a contemporary noise-reducer that features an acoustic foam element and a semi-dome shape. Its unique design acts as a superb diffuser and absorber of sound, and is perfect for offices, break-out areas, and hospitality settings. It is available in many sizes, and can be customized to fit the space’s style and decor.

Depending on your design requirements, the BuzziDome is available in various sizes. The lighting system can be customized for a specific area, and the BuzziDome comes in a variety of upholstery colors to match the rest of your decor. It is also available in DWG, SKP, and 3DS or Revit files, making it easy to customize to fit your home.