The Best Way to Choose a Living Room Tea Table

The Best Way to Choose a Living Room Tea Table

The large living room has always been the top priority of life and home. Whether it is for everyone’s daily needs or for others, the fabric sofa and tea table in the large living room are all indispensable. But there is a misconception that many people put too much energy on the sofa and neglect the tea table.​​

In fact, the superiority of the tea table is far lower than that of the fabric sofa, but if there is no tea table, it is absolutely impossible. Looking back, there are good friends visiting, and you don’t even have an area to put fresh fruit. Do you feel very inconvenient? Also, if the tea table is well selected, the large living room will look good. So how do you choose a tea table that is suitable for your own large living room?

The main purpose

Organize tea table

When choosing a tea table, you must pay attention to whether it is necessary to store and organize. If you usually like to place snacks, books and other objects on the tea table, then you can choose a tea table with storage and organization function to help you sort out such objects and keep the large living room beautiful and elegant.

Art tea table

If it is not necessary to organize and organize, then you can choose how beautiful and how to choose a tea table. You can choose a tea table composed of layers of greenery to improve the quality of life.

You can also choose the composition of such metal materials, natural marble, and use metal materials to build a sense of fashion, while natural marble assumes a beautiful and generous air. Ordinarily placing some artistic flower arrangements or books can create a comfortable daily life atmosphere.

Tea table style

Category tea table

There are a variety of design styles for the category tea table. The hand-made origami-shaped dining table has a soft visual experience. Although the indoor space is not large, it is also sufficient for ordinary tea table requirements. If you like a personalized tea table very much, you can refer to it, which is unique and beautiful.

If you expect the volume of the tea table to be larger, you can also choose some tea tables with a sense of geometric figures. The styles on both sides meet your daily requirements, and at the same time, they can also build texture, which is very suitable for intelligent interior decoration. 4lightings style.

Make up a tea table

The tea table is a large tea table composed of several types of the same or different solid wood coffee tables, generally all of the same materials, but different colors. This type of combined tea table can not only be placed casually, but also has a great sense of design, easy to use and beautiful.

In addition to the different colors, you can also choose how many variations to make up a tea table, which can not only build texture, but also meet your different requirements. Whether it is put together or scattered on the edge of the fabric sofa, it can highlight the unique atmosphere of the large living room. field.

Living Room Tea Table

Tea table material

Glass coffee table

The tea table made of glass fiber reinforced plastic has a very design sense, and the laminated glass always gives people a feeling of crystal clear and translucent. As a tea table, it can bring people an extraordinary sense of hierarchy.

Metal tea table

The metal tea table is more suitable for the light luxury style. The metal material itself contains a strong sense of technology, and it also has a larger design space, which is more suitable for the modern interior decoration style.

If you are used to seeing this traditional metal tea table, you can choose this kind of hollow carved metal tea table, which is very design, and the design style of this metal material is also very different.

Wooden tea table

The wooden tea table has always had an innate sense of course, and the simple wire frame is also fresh and natural, whether it is placed in the middle of the fabric sofa or placed on one side of the fabric sofa, it is full of life elements .

However, the maintenance of solid wood coffee tables is also time-consuming, and wooden tea tables are more suitable for modern and new Chinese styles. If your home decoration style is European classical style, I do not recommend you to choose a wooden tea table.

Marble coffee table

Compared with other materials, the marble coffee table is more stable and airy, and the general size of the marble coffee table is relatively large, which is very suitable for the situation of some living rooms, which is easy to use and gorgeous.

Coffee table size

Relative height

In fact, the relative height of the tea table is very good choice, you only have to sit on the sofa, the coffee table height but the knee is enough.

Overall width

The size of the tea table should be less than 2/3 of the fabric sofa, which will look more harmonious. In addition, the tea table needs to be less than 30cm away from the fabric sofa when arranging, otherwise it is very easy to cause inconvenience in walking and reduce comfort.

Tea table look

Ring tea table

The ring or oval tea table saves a little indoor space, and the comfort is also very high, it is not easy to bump the corners, and it is very easy to build a relaxed and comfortable living atmosphere.

If you feel that the volume of the ring is small, you can also choose some small and medium-sized tea tables and place them on the edge of the fabric sofa, which is not only easy to use and convenient, but also very beautiful.

Square tea table

The square tea table is wider and larger than the annular volume, but the square tea table is more stable and neat. Therefore, when purchasing, not only should pay attention to the role of the tea table itself, but also consider whether it should be designed with the large living room. The styles fit together. If you really don’t know what the design style is, then use similar tones to build a sense of hierarchy.

Although the tea table does not occupy too much indoor space, it has a great effect, and a suitable tea table can not only meet some daily requirements, but also can fully use the indoor space of the large living room to improve the appearance and appearance of the large living room. Sentiment.

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